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Make Your Customer Support Excel

  • Streamline customer support responses and follow-up easily.

  • Automatically share knowledge and boost efficiency.

  • Improve performance based on real-time feedback.

  • Stay in control of tickets with customer support software.

best help desk

Ticket Management

Organize tickets more effectively to better manage and sort customer support inquiries.

ticket management
categorize tickets

Categorize Tickets

Categorize tickets based on open, closed, pending, spam, blacklist and determine which tickets need fixing the most.

prioritize tickets

Prioritize Tickets

Sort the tickets based on what order they should be processed in by status. High, medium and low priority.

assign and manage agents

Assign and Manage Agents

Use the note to give more details, instructions, or context to the task. This helps the work get started faster, and ensures everyone on the team is on same page.

real time tracking

Real Time Tracking

View events in summary style and drill down to item-by-item detail. Activity log lets you go back and see what exactly happened and when.

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Bots and Live Chat

Provide instant support and ticketing with supplementary apps like BotUp and live chat (Ninjachat). Manage all the support requests and handle all inquiries from your customers.

bots and live chat
instant responses

Instant Responses

Implement Live Chat with the help desk to gain instant and potential customers’ trust. They can now know that a live agent is there for them and which in return helps you acquire more clients.

conversation tickets

Conversation Tickets

Click conversations to tickets so that you can spend more time providing the most satisfactory experience for your customers.

assign agents

Assign Agents

Manage and track several agents' duties in one spot, even if they aren't all related to the same project.

get feedback

Get Feedback

Let customers rate customer service agents and feedback after every chat, then use that feedback to help determine which agents are providing the best service.

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Knowledge Base

Manage your customer's inquiries proactively within your customer support software by making Knowledge base Articles which can be divided into categories and Sections. It will help to minimize support tickets.

knowledge base
multiple section

Multiple Section

Generate instructional content based on feedback and commonly experienced issues and add it to the knowledge base effortlessly.

domain wise

Domain Wise

Provide easy access to information and let customers find solutions to their questions.

video and image library

Video and Image Library

Extend the functionality of a knowledge base by sharing pages to different social networking sites.

content categorization

Content Categorization

Categorize and view content by author, section, descriptions, tags and more. Display content in intuitive categories for ease of navigation.

Find out more about Knowledge Base

Helpdesk Automation

Customize conditions and actions within your customer support software to build powerful workflows and allow your team to focus on more essential tasks.

helpdesk automation
create flows

Create Flows

Address negative feedback quickly and automatically to de-escalate possible issues and improve your customer’s experience and overall satisfaction.

automated responses

Automated Responses

Automatically reply to your customers with canned responses, relevant content, and emails. Respond to your customers right away.

set rules and triggers

Set Rules and Triggers

Establish rules for helpdesk inquiries as they enter and apply them to appropriate tickets for actions and triggers.

zapup nodes

Zapup Nodes

Automate using a simple visual drag-and-drop builder and receive real-time updates to manage all activities in a single log with no delays.

Find out more about Helpdesk Automation

Advanced Reports

Gain critical insights into your customer service efforts by analyzing data and determining strategies for improving processes. Log and address customer support issues to improve client satisfaction.

advanced reports


Visualize data at a high level on ticket and knowledge base dashboards and view stats to get all of the details you need at a glance.

download reports

Download Reports

Download and easily monitor the results of your team. Compare performance rates  in the total volume.

track kpis

Track KPIs

Assure your company's growth, keep track of the key performance indicators (kpi) that provide you an idea of its overall health.

filtering by metrics

Filtering by Metrics

Monitor all of your customer service data to identify what inspires your customers and what leaves them frustrated. Accurate reports let you focus on the needs of your customers.

Find out more about Advanced Reports

Contact Management

Manage your most important clients and partners, organize their information in one place, track the progress of projects, and more....

contact management
easy reply

Easy Reply

Reply your contacts easily from a single place. It's a breeze to keep track of which messages were read and responded to and which ones still require some action from the user.

add contacts

Add Contacts

Add contacts ,manage your contacts, add tags to them and categorize them according to the requirement.

activity tracking

Activity Tracking

Track how and when the actions are performed on a particular contact - be it updating the contact information or having a conversation with this contact. Each action performed can be viewed on the timeline dashboard.

export contacts

Export Contacts

Export details of more than 50,000 leads, contacts to excel via csv file.

Find out more about Contact Management

Task Management

Prioritize your daily work, delegate tasks to your co-workers, share files with clients or team members, monitor the progress of your project, and track time spent on each task.

task management
create and assign tasks

Create and Assign Tasks

Create and assign tasks, follow up on the progress of task completion, and manage your team from a single location. The entire workflow is streamlined and simplified for effortless management.

prioritize tasks

Prioritize Tasks

Track and prioritize your tasks and focus on what matters most by scheduling them for the times of day that have the best productivity.

check status

Check Status

Focus on your current tasks and attend to them in time. It lets you monitor the status of your tasks in one place. Filter and view tasks that are overdue or high-priority in one place, so that you don't miss any important work deadlines.

Find out more about Task Management

Email Integration

Integrate with email tools and get instant notification the moment a new ticket is created.

email integration
email to tickets

Email to Tickets

Convert your incoming emails to tickets, manage and organize till the ticket closure through our email integration.

email ticket threads

Email Ticket Threads

Convert your incoming emails to tickets, manage and organize till the ticket closure through our email integration.

respond with email

Respond with Email

Send, schedule, and track emails for your clients through SMTP relay in just a few minutes without the need for email servers to be maintained. Add the API key, configure it, and turn it on to transfer emails directly from

prioritize tickets

Prioritize Tickets

Prioritize high, medium, and low-level issues based on importance. Assign agents to problems according to their priority level to deliver consistent support directly from email ticketing.

set up slas

Set up SLAs

Set a due date for tickets based on a variety of factors such as the ticket's channel, the customer who raised it, and its status under Service Level Agreements (SLA) to identify which issues need to be addressed right away.

multiple channels (gmail, outlook)

Multiple Channels (Gmail, Outlook)

Gmail and Outlook are two examples of email accounts that may be added to your helpdesk system. Respond to tickets sent by your consumers and quickly fix any issues.

Find out more about Email Integration

Workflow Management

Set up a routine for recurring responsibilities and focus on the most important item of your agenda.

workflow management
create workflows

Create Workflows

Get the most out of your team by making it easy to create a workflow and track progress from start to finish. This simple process will help you get more done with less stress and more efficiency.

pre-built flows

Pre-Built Flows

Workflow templates are a great way to create your own custom workflow templates. Workflow templates can be used manage your projects.

custom tags

Custom Tags

Create workflows and assign tag and automate repetitive tasks to put your processes on auto-pilot. The platform allows you to easily define your process.

condition node

Condition Node

Automate time-consuming tasks with workflow. Leverage technologies that help you to keep track of and control your repetitive tasks.

drag and drop builder

Drag and Drop Builder

Create simplest and most intuitive ways to work with different parts of a project or team, by creating a visual outline of files and their sequence. Using drag and drop feature.

Find out more about Workflow Management

Group Categorization

Gather and organize by categorizing the ticket into groups, prioritize them, and close tickets effortlessly.

group categorization
categorize tickets

Categorize Tickets

classify bulk tickets as new, pending, open, or closed based on the status of  tickets at once 

unlimited groups

Unlimited Groups

Create unlimited group categories and segregate your workforce for better organization.

multi-mail configuring

Multi-mail Configuring

Configure multiple customer support emails and view all of your emails in one place.

Find out more about Group Categorization

Support Bots

Allows you to chat with your customers directly and helps you deliver an amazing customer experience.

support bots
multichannel bot

Multichannel Bot

Customer service bot that can be quickly installed into any current business website to help you automate your customer service. It can respond to client inquiries more quickly and efficiently while conserving human resources.

automated support

Automated Support

Eliminate support requests once and for all with automated service, which offers live chat, email, and phone support to its users 24/7. It's a terrific strategy to keep customers happy and keep them coming back.

quick replies

Quick Replies

Provides a simple and quick platform for you and your clients to create and maintain a good connection.

connect app workflow

Connect App Workflow

Turn your app into a robust customer service system by allowing consumers to submit tickets directly from your website, where you can respond to them and prioritize them by adding due dates and reminders.

live chat

Live Chat

Connect LiveChat and HelpDesk to create a ticket from any conversation, email, or other messages. Manage all of your client cases from one interface.

social support

Social Support

Provides an interactive helpdesk for customer service as well as a community management to help you grow your support team by engaging with customers and companies on social media.

Find out more about Support Bots

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