Best Help Desk Software

Provide customer support, enhance productivity, boost customer satisfaction, save time and cost.

Make Your Customer Support Excel

  • Streamline customer support responses and follow-up easily.

  • Automatically share knowledge and boost efficiency.

  • Improve performance based on real-time feedback.

  • Stay in control of tickets with customer support software.

best help desk software

Ticket Management

Add, edit, forward and include new members effortlessly with Support’s extensive ticket management system. Organize tickets more effectively to manage, sort, assign and follow customers and helpdesk inquiries within your customer support software.

ticket management
kanban view

Kanban View

View new, opened, pending and closed helpdesk tickets at a glance and drag-and-drop to quickly and easily update each ticket's status.

canned responses

Canned Responses

Generate pre-configured, canned responses to send automatic responses to commonly experienced issues and frequently asked questions.

email tickets

Email Tickets

Convert incoming emails from customers to tickets and solve their problems.

ticket tracking

Ticket Tracking

View events in summary style and drill down to item-by-item detail. Activity log lets you go back and see what exactly happened and when.

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Knowledge Base

Create and share a library of FAQs, how-tos, instructions and insights for customers to refer to anytime. Manage your customer’s inquiries proactively within your customer support software before they become issues to minimize support tickets.

knowledge base
content management

Content Management

Generate instructional content based on feedback and commonly experienced issues and add it to the knowledge base effortlessly.

drag and drop

Drag and Drop

View content in lists that allow you to drag and drop specific content to organize it appropriately to make them easy for your customers to find.

real-time editing

Real-time Editing

Edit your content easily in either plain or HTML formats to update and make changes to your knowledge base quickly anytime you need to.

content categorization

Content Categorization

Categorize and view content by author, section, descriptions, tags and more. Display content in intuitive categories for ease of navigation.

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Helpdesk Automation

Streamline processes, automate tasks and respond faster by quickly creating automation. Customize conditions and actions within your customer support software to build powerful workflows and allow your team to focus on more essential tasks.

helpdesk automation
automatic feedback

Automatic Feedback

Address negative feedback quickly and automatically to de-escalate possible issues and improve your customer’s experience and overall satisfaction.

rapid responses

Rapid Responses

Automatically send canned responses to answer questions, provide relevant content, send emails and more. Respond to your customers immediately.

workload management

Workload Management

Manage your team’s workload better by spreading work evenly automatically and sending all inquiries immediately to the right people.

workflow conditions

Workflow Conditions

Establish rules for helpdesk inquiries as they enter and apply them to appropriate tickets for actions and triggers.

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Advanced Reports

Gain valuable insight into your customer support software efforts and determine how to improve your processes based on hard data. Determine customer service issues and troubleshoot to improve customer satisfaction.

advanced reports


Visualize data at a high level on ticket and knowledge base dashboards and view stats to get all of the details you need at a glance.

early issue detection

Early Issue Detection

Determine customer service issues much earlier and troubleshoot them to optimize customer engagements and build loyalty.

report graphs

Report Graphs

Generate graphs according to groups, products, customers and teams to visualize ticket resolutions, responses, feedback, priorities and more.

data analytics

Data Analytics

Analyze all of the data to identify customer service victories and failures over time. Accurate reports let you focus on customer satisfaction.

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