Bots and Live Chat

for real-time conversation with customers

Assist customers with bots and live chat to supplement customer service.

Bots and Live Chat

Communicate with your Customers with Bots and Live Chat

Offer prompt, one-on-one responses to customers, making your agents a helpful customer support resource.

and leave note
instant responses

Instant Responses

Implement Live Chat with the helpdesk for high-quality customer engagement, instantly reply to your customers on your help desk and avoid losing your potential leads by resolving their issues in real-time.

conversation tickets

Conversation Tickets

Convert Bots and Live chat inquiries into tickets with a simple click, so you can spend more time providing the most satisfactory experience for your customers.

assign agents

Assign Agents

Manage and track tasks from multiple agents in one place that may not necessarily involve just one project.

get feedback

Get Feedback

Provide customers with an option of rating customer service agents and feedback after every chat, and use a rating system to determine which agent is providing the best quality service.

What are Bots and Live Chat?

Live chat provides empathy to help interactions and allows for human-to-human connection, whilst chatbots improve the support experience. Chatbots are available 24/7 and can provide instant answers while live chat agents can handle routine customer service requests. Chatbots and live chat, when used together, provide a high-quality support experience for your consumers.

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