Support Bots

to reduce customer churn

Provides 24/7 live chat service that helps you and your team provide an excellent customer experience.

Support Bots

Satisfy your Customers with a Chatbot that can Lead to a Better Customer Experience

Developing a unique ChatBot to create scalable chat-based customer support solutions and help the users find a solution to their problems by connecting them with the right people.

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multichannel bot

Multichannel Bot

An AI-powered customer service bot that can be easily integrated into any existing business website to help you automate your customer support. It can handle customer inquiries faster and more efficiently while saving human resources.

automated support

Automated Support

Eliminate support tickets once and for all with the automated service that provides 24/7 assistance to its customers via live chat, email, or phone. It is a great way to maintain customer loyalty and improve customer retention.

quick replies

Quick Replies

Provides an easy and fast platform to build and maintain a healthy relationship between you and your clients.

connect app workflow

Connect App Workflow

Turn your app into a powerful customer support system and allow your customers to file tickets from your website where you can reply to conversations and prioritize them by adding due dates and reminders.

live chat

Live Chat

Connect LiveChat and HelpDesk to create a ticket from every conversation, email, and other messages. All of your client situations may be easily managed through a single channel.

social support

Social Support

Offers an interactive helpdesk for customer support, and community management to scale your support team by connecting to consumers and businesses on social media.

What are Support Bots?

Support Bots are robots that act like humans to respond to customer queries. These bots are used to respond to customer queries in a faster, automated, and more scalable way. It is designed to provide automated customer support and a self-service portal for your clients.

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