User Experience

access to precisely what the user requires

User experience gives you exact result for what you are looking with help of sort by, group by, real time count and kanban view.

User Experience

Improve User Experience for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Improve user experience with features like sort group count and kanban view.

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sort by

Sort By

Sort tickets by time of creation to view when they were updated or created. Tickets can be viewed in order from newest to oldest, or vice versa.

group by

Group By

Process incoming tickets by topic, source, status, priority and assign team member accordingly.

real time count

Real Time Count

Track tickets as either open, closed or pending. Ticket counts kept up-to-date with the actual number of each of those statuses at all times.

kanban view

Kanban View

Visualise your work project flow, stay organised and always keep on top of everything with kanban.

What is user experience?

User experience features such as sort by, group by, and kanban view aid in customer acquisition, retention, increase productivity,user engagement  and optimization of development time

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