The recent global pandemic has shifted the paradigm of the customer service industry. The helpdesk ticketing system, which plays a vital role in customer experience, has had to evolve with the changing times to offer better support to users. Read on to find out how top helpdesk ticketing systems such as are changing in 2022 against the backdrop of a global pandemic.

A fabulous product or service is not enough to warrant a business as successful. Top-notch customer service is the better half of a real successful endeavour. Previously, customer service was mainly done through face-to-face interactions. Now, there are so many ways in which customers interact with a business and this can largely be attributed to digital disruption and improved technology.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are experiencing changes in their customer interactions and services. For instance, banks and financial institutions have moved to Internet banking. In the same way, organizations are turning to technology to help improve their helpdesk system to conform to the changing business environment.

What is a Help Desk Ticketing System?

Help desk tickets aid to automate repetitive and long-winded administrative tasks in managing clients' support issues. Most brands concerned with the customer support of their clients appreciate the concept of the helpdesk system.

Help desk software streamlines clients' service and develops a functional and centralized contact point for incident ticketing, tracking the calibre of customer service, and monitoring customer issues. The ticketing system software automates ticket assignment, responding to customer inquiries, categorizing problems, and tagging the essential personnel when there is an issue.

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Benefits of Help Desk Ticketing System

The helpdesk ticketing system has helped revolutionize the customer service of most brands. Technology has played a huge role in transforming customer service, especially customer experience.

Thus, every business worth it is salt must invest in a good help desk ticketing system. Here’s why:

1. Continuous Performance Improvement

The ticketing system will help you to monitor the efficiency and productivity of your support team. Through a central dashboard, you can monitor details on the time taken to close a ticket and how many tickets have been closed. This allows you to know which employees are not productive and areas that need training and improvement. It improves accountability as you can easily determine what are the problems and where they originated before it escalates.

2. Quick Ticket Resolution

Helpdesk system software automates numerous helpdesk cases thus availing more time for the customer support team to focus on pressing tasks. A ticket is received, automatically fed into the system, directed to the relevant support representative, and generates details about the case such as the name of the client, the product, and the urgency of the ticket.

3. Track the Time

One of the major advantages of helpdesk support software is it enables you to keep track of time. Whenever a ticket is initiated, a timer starts so that you can monitor how long they are open. Furthermore, it will indicate which agents are closing the most tickets and, hence monitoring their productivity.

Quick response excites customers and the ticketing system aims to provide you with good ticket response times continuously. Whenever there is a downtime in response, you also need to be notified and requisite actions are taken to improve them. It improves customer service efficiency.

4. Provides 24/7 Support

Most organizations operate from 8 to 5. However, customer inquiries do not stop coming through and that is where helpdesk software comes in. It enables response to customer queries anytime, every time throughout the year. This saves the cost of paying overtime to employees while efficiency is still attained.

Provides 24/7 support

5. Help Reduce Expenditure

The customer service ticketing system helps cut operational costs for any organization. A firm can handle numerous customer requirements with minimum human resources. With the quick response times among other best-in-class client support, the brand will have a more satisfied client. Consequently, the business can generate more leads and have high customer retention. It not only benefits the customers but also eases work for employees as communication is improved, data is more organized and work efficiency is heightened.

6. Increases Productivity

Most employees on customer support get pulled in a million different directions during the day. As a result, the ticket times take longer, and productivity is lowered. Helpdesk software ranks tickets in order of priority thus keeping the employees organized. The software can be programmed to send tasks to the most relevant rep in order of the task priority thus increasing efficiency.

New Face of Customer Service in the Wake of COVID-19

Organizations are faced with new health and operational requirements to manage the spread of COVID-19. These requirements have forced firms to encourage more of their employees to work remotely. With time, working remotely and managing remote workers will get easier and more effective. As such, brands are now switching to live chat tools and social media to assist their customers who have now shifted to shopping online due to restrictions of the pandemic. This means that the volume of e-commerce and digital inquiries will increase in 2022 and beyond.

Consumers who would rather walk into a store or place a call to the store can now easily go to a company’s website and read about their services and FAQ. Live chat popularity among consumers is continuously growing, and this shift forces businesses to incorporate a digital-first support strategy.

Advancements in Help Desk Ticketing Software

Organizations all over the world are experiencing the wrath of the ongoing global pandemic with the travel and hospitality industry being one of the worst hit. Travel agencies, airports, and airlines have witnessed numerous travel cancellations and a nosedive in the number of travellers thanks to travel restrictions as new hotspots and COVID-19 variants mushroom in different parts of the world.

At a time such as this, online shopping has experienced a sharp spike. It is thus no longer business as usual for businesses and they have found it necessary to refocus their IT spending. Helpdesk ticketing system providers have also had to update their products to serve their clients better.

Here are some of the new trends we are seeing in the customer service system.

Advancements in help desk ticketing software

1. More Automation and AI Support

Through automated workflows, bots, and self-service solutions, the helpdesk ticketing system is offering a helpdesk solution to simplify clients' service. At the core of this is collaborative helpdesk ticketing features. These features make it easier for cross-departments to work as one unit in solving customer inquiries. Maintaining teamwork can be a chore when working remotely and in 2021, helpdesk ticketing systems are keen to ensure that their software supports collaboration among teams.

The need to automate repetitive tasks cannot be overstated enough and system providers know this too well., for example, offers canned responses. Here, businesses get to respond immediately and automatically with pre-configured, canned responses to commonly experienced issues and frequently asked questions. This, in turn, significantly reduces helpdesk process times while increasing customer satisfaction through timely and relevant responses.

With automated software, your support team will focus on pressing tasks and quickly enter data and move tickets through the process. It makes your support team stay on track with crucial data on customer service.

2. Advanced Tracking of Tickets

In 2021, helpdesk ticketing systems have moved a step further in how businesses handle tickets. Some applications allow customer service reps to view all customer interactions in one dynamic interface to process tickets seamlessly and efficiently. Such applications also enable one to track engagements across numerous channels and have additional powerful automated workflows to speed up processes, improve metrics, and free teams to focus on other tasks. The drag and drop feature when updating the status of each ticket has simplified things.

3. Offer Interactive and Easy-to-Use Interface

With most organizations allowing their employees to work remotely, accessing IT support can prove a challenge to many workers. As such, organizations are looking for applications that are easy to use and this also applies to helpdesk ticketing systems. Software providers are thus updating their applications to make them more user-friendly. A system that forces a developer to learn a certain programming language before installing the program is so 2020. In 2021, we see systems that are easy to use, customized, and scalable.

4. Has Omnichannel Support

Many consumers have become comfortable with online shopping and businesses must thus incorporate a digital-first customer support initiative. The helpdesk system is taking this into account and many applications thus come with web-based, social media, and email integration., for instance, converts support emails to tickets so agents can reply and solve the issues immediately. This year, we are seeing helpdesk systems tracking engagements across numerous channels, including chat, email, and social media for a better omnichannel customer experience.

5. Self-Serve Library

Imagine a scenario where customers can access a library on your website where they can get a solution to their problem and only escalate issues when they are unable to self-serve. It may sound far-fetched, but some helpdesk ticketing systems are already offering this service. Such applications come with a knowledge base software that allows businesses to collect, organize and store content. The content is based on feedback from customers as well as commonly experienced issues. Customers can then refer to the content before submitting a helpdesk ticket.

6. Offers Advanced Reporting

Information on how customers are interacting with one's brand or even how they are using your product is a goldmine for any business. In 2021, helpdesk systems are providing users with extensive data that businesses can use to improve customer experience.

7. Solve Problems

Again, with remote working, it can be a challenge to solve IT issues such as memory upgrades, network downtimes, computer breakdown, software complications, and screen freezes. The good thing is, with an up-to-date helpdesk ticketing system, these can be easily established and organized for the support team to start working on. Moreover, the software will keep a record so that you can easily compare them on occasion. It helps denote repetitive errors so that the computer, system, or network can be upgraded.

8. Has Personalized Ticket Generation

Personalized customer service is at the core of a successful customer experience. Today's customer knows their exact needs and giving them customized service makes them feel more connected with the business. This in turn helps build trust and confidence with the customers. A forward-looking helpdesk ticketing system must take this into account, and thus generate personalized tickets for agents to use. Customer service reps can see past tickets raised by the customer, making them better understand the customer and serve them in a better manner.

Has personalised ticket generation


More and more organizations are looking for better ways to improve their Helpdesk Software and the disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic present organizations and businesses with a unique challenge. has thus had to evolve with the time to offer its clients more support during the pandemic. Some of these changes include increased automation to improve efficiency and to support working from home as well as offering advanced tracking of tickets for a better customer experience.

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