Helpdesk software helps you stay on top of all your customers' and employees' needs through an intelligent system of tickets and integration. It’s a place where you can schedule alerts and build a knowledge base with the power of automation to better serve your clients. If you ever wonder about whether you are serving your customer with the best help experience you can offer, then you might want to consider a customer support software solution that matches the needs of your business and customer.

Some of the benefits of using helpdesk software are impressive since they include the ability to automate service, manage tickets, integrate with other software, create knowledge bases your team can use as reference, and the deployment of smart alerts. With these benefits of a helpdesk software solution, you can intelligently see that your customer is being helped to the best of your ability and that you are creating an experience that they will want to return to again and again.

For the individual or organization that seeks these impressive benefits of using helpdesk software, you will find PBXPlus has compiled some of the best solutions you can use today to start helping your clients and customers with unparalleled service. Try some of the solutions on our list to get started by offering unforgettable help experiences to your clients and customers.

Here is the Top List of Helpdesk Software Solutions:


Our top pick for this list comes from 500apps. delights customers and drives growth through support tickets, knowledge bases, automation, and reporting that is as powerful as it is easy to manage. The feature-rich support software is perfect for the startup, established businesses, and enterprise clients in that it's feature-rich and a breeze to automate. You can even customize it with social media integration and canned responses for addressing customer concerns faster and automatically.

Support by 500apps

2. Zendesk

Zendesk is nothing if not efficient as it provides flexible ticket management, multichannel support, and advanced reporting. You can even build a knowledge base that allows you to build communities of helping professionals. The app fits the needs of most small businesses well, but it can also grow with you to be a full-scale enterprise solution to help desk support.


3. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is simple, but powerful and comprehensive since it is built on a truly intuitive architecture. It has some of the best mobile apps for Android and iOS for helpdesk solutions, and it makes itself suitable for any business size and type (from freelancer to enterprise). You’ll immediately notice that its UI is neat and smooth, making it a breeze to integrate social media, deploy self-service, and manage all your tickets with automation.


4. HubSpot Helpdesk Software

If you are part of the HubSpot ecosystem of sales, marketing, and CRM, you may want to consider integrating with their help desk as well. With automation and bots for all of your data, the service hub allows you to build complete customer service experiences that promote loyalty and happiness among your clients. You can use automation, conversational inboxes, tickets, and reporting through their help desk that was designed for small to mid-sized businesses. If you are an enterprise client, they can also help you create outstanding support environments.

Hubspot <a href='help-desk-software'>help desk software</a>

5. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is right there among the top players in the customer support software solution market. It has a comprehensive set of features on its multichannel support that allows you to pull together live chat, email, and social media to offer unforgettable help experiences. With features for gamification of support, web-embed contact forms, and collaboration space, the app is great for small businesses and can scale to meet enterprise needs.


6. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is powerful. It has all the tools you need to turn your customer support process into one that improves reporting and productivity. You can monitor all your agents and make data-driven decisions through its report features, and you can automate and support across channels with its automation abilities. All its capabilities together will lead you down the road to offering better customer relationships and increasing earnings over time (not to mention loyalty).


7. JIRA Service Desk

One of the only open source solutions on our list, JIRA is great for helping teams collaborate on technical aspects of their projects. It helps you to see, find, and address bugs and system errors during development, testing, and launch. Through an intuitive UI, it runs a ticketing system as well as a self-service portal and dashboard. For such teams, it’s a wonderful way to receive real-time updates and metrics you need to measure the success of your service.

Jira Service Desk

8. InterCom

Intercom might be best known as a chat tool, but its customer support software solution features are as simple and easy to use as their chat solution. You don’t need too much to get started the right way with helping customers since it is easy to get going with its collaboration and automation tools that were built to scale and improve customer support in your organization.



You may have realized through reading this post just how much you need a Helpdesk Software solution. If you want to get started today with better Help Desk Support Software for your business, consider a free trial of app to create workflows and automated responses. Likewise, we recommend PBXPlus, a business virtual phone system to scale up your Inbound and Outbound calls. Start your free trial today.

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